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March 23rd, 2010 | By Alicia Silverstone

There is a great documentary called FLOW that I want to share with you all. FLOW‘s focus is the world water crisis, and the privatization of the world’s water supply.

Not really news to anyone, but the world’s water supply is quickly diminishing… and this is scary! This is evident in a number of ways, including when you’re told you can only water your lawn during certain times. But beyond that, do you ever think about where your water comes from or how much water you’re actually using up? It’s always readily available to us. But can you imagine other places in the world where they do not have this luxury?


I highly recommend checking this film out because it’s a really fascinating look at the world’s water problem. The filmmakers interview scientists and activists who discuss this building crisis, while talking about the main theme of the movie, “Can anyone really own water?”. The film shows a lot of people and corporations that are making the situation with water worse… but it also highlights many people and institutions that are trying to provide a solution to the problem as well.

Take a look at the trailer (above). I hope you will all see this film! It is so moving, inspiring, and informative! This is definitely a must see, it’s so eye opening. Please spread the word about FLOW!

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