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Waterless Car Wash

 Everyone in Los Angeles is so obsessed with keeping their cars sparkling clean! I like a clean car too, but car washes use soooo much water and washing your car so often can become incredibly wasteful.

According to the LA Times, washing your car at home can use up to 80-140 gallons of water, while using a commercial car wash uses just 20-45 gallons. So if you must wash your car at home, it’s probably a good idea to purchase one of those squeeze nozzle grips that regulates the flow of water rather than letting the water constantly run. But it seems like taking your car to a commercial wash is a better way to conserve water.

However, a while ago I saw this eco-friendly, waterless car wash in a Los Angeles parking garage called Keep It Klean, and was inspired to learn more about waterless car washes.

Waterless washes have been around for several years now to combat against the drought, and are definitely becoming more popular. I also found a couple products, Eco Touch and Lucky Earth, that you can use at home too if you’re taking the waterless route.

This is how a waterless car wash works:

“A waterless car wash or dry wash is a technique used to wash a vehicle without the use of water. A solution is used that contains a mix of ingredients, including wetting agents, lubricants, surfactants, and protectants. The surfactants enable the wetting agents to surround dirt particles, leading to emulsification (the dirt is dispersed into the liquid). In some products, a protectant, such as carnauba wax or a form of silicone polymer is left on the surface, which provides glaze. The product may also contain a polishing ingredient, such as kaolin clay, a super fine abrasive that buffs out small surface scratches.

After the product is sprayed on, it is wiped off with a clean, dry towel. After the wipe-down, some polishing agent and some glazing or waxing agent may remain on the surface. A second towel is used to polish the car by buffing the agents that remain behind.”?

All of the products used at Keep it Klean car wash are earth friendly. If you find a waterless car wash near you, just make sure to ask if all of the products that they use are earth friendly.

During my search for eco-friendly car wash products I came across H2O Conserve,which is a website where you can get tips for saving water, and even calculate your water footprint!

Have any of you been to a waterless car wash before?