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A Family’s Success Story

I found this success story on the website and wanted to share. Kind Lifer Jenny Samuel wrote about how following The Kind Diet has changed her entire family’s life:

“I am a young Mother of two, my daughter Lucia is 6 (pictured above) and my son Jax is 3 (pictured below). While I was pregnant with my daughter I decided to clean up my life and raise her organic and green. I met my husband when she was 1, he is a body builder and a very healthy active man. So we set off on this journey to raise our children organically, naturally, and be as healthy as we all could be

So I had come to a point where I thought I had this “green” life figured out.

Then I watched Food Inc, I was disgusted. We still ate meat, organically raised, but still the film made me doubt the meat I was buying. Then I watched Oprah the next day, when Alica was on. I read her book cover to cover the first night I had it. So then the vegan journey began.

We all felt amazing! My hubby never really loved meat, but since he is a body builder, thought it was needed in his diet. About a week into this new lifestyle , he came home and said ” I was really really strong in the gym today.” A few days later he came home and said, ” My workout was one of my best ever!” My kids were very into this new cooking style, with out raw meat around they were free to be even more hands on in the kitchen! My son”s behavior was even improving!

But here is the best part…

My daughter, the sweetest little ray of sunshine, all the sudden said “Mommy, my tummy never ever hurts anymore .” She had always had the random tummy aches. They didn’t seem to be triggered by the normal food allergies so our Doc said it must just be a nervous thing. I trust my doc, and they never stopped her from being a playful happy kid, so I went along with what the doc said. So when my daughter said this to me I was floored, shocked! Then she said what cemented this being out new lifestyle, she said “I know why my tummy doesn’t hurt anymore Mommy” I said “why baby?” She said “because its not sad anymore” I knew that was it, and we would forever be living a kind life.”