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Oprah’s Earth Day Advice

I caught Oprah’s Earth Day episode last week, and it was soooo good. For those of you who didn’t see it, I wanted to share some highlights with you.

Oprah spoke with the people who made The Cove, the documentary about the dolphin slaughter in Japan, that recently won an Oscar. You can see her interview with them here:

The way that we can help is to spread the word about The Cove, and get as many people as possible aware of the current situation. The best resource is Here are some things that we, as individuals, can do:

Sign the petition on Facebook

-If you aren’t on Facebook, you can sign it HERE

Share the petition with your friends who live in Japan

-Text DOLPHIN to 44144, and sign the letter straight from your phone

Join the Facebook Cause and share the petition with your friends

There was also a segment about the Plastiki, which is a ship made of 12,500 plastic soda bottles and other recycled materials. David de Rothschild is a British explorer, and was inspired to build this boat after learning about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch – which is a swirl of trash that stretches across the Pacific from California to Japan, and has killed millions of animals.

David made this boat to get people to rethink waste as a resource, and is sailing around on this boat to make people realize how garbage is threatening the health of our planet. Since David’s goal is to educate people about the waste that is threatening the oceans – which is mainly plastic bags, styrofoam cups, soda bottle caps, and styrafoam containers – the way that you can help the cause is by going to and pledge to better our oceans and planet. You can pledge not to use plastic bottles, plastic bags, styrene foam… Or all 3!

Did any of you see this episode?