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Animal Love

Rescuing Dogs! Guest Blog by Christopher Jarecki, My Husband


“Alicia and I have been apart a lot, with her being in New York for her play. One thing that always keeps me from not getting too sad are our dogs. Not only do they make me laugh and smile cause of the things they do, but when I miss Alicia the most, feeling their heartbeats, breath, and warmth really makes me feel calm and good.



All of our dogs are rescued, and they are the greatest. I sleep with a pit-bull every night named The Pig. If you feel that your life may be missing something, rescue a dog. They will love you so much, and you will get so much joy from it.

I also have a tip about raising your dogs. When you get a dog, I recommend reading one of Cesar Milan’s books. They teach you how to be the boss. And the truth is, that is what your dog wants. They want you to be the boss, and be in charge.

Not only will this help you manage your dogs, but will also give you strength with other people in your life… they give you the tools to be strong. “


Christopher with his football mascot, The Pig
The picture at the very top is of Christopher with Sampson (who I dedicated my book to… I miss him so much!) and “The Pig” (her real name is Butterfly, but we call her The Pig more), and the second picture is of Lacey, Sampson, and Sweety.I know that some of you are aware of the benefits of rescuing dogs and avoiding breeders and pet stores. But if there are any of you who aren’t quite sure why rescuing is so much better than buying a dog, let me know and I can do a whole blog about it.