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Animal Love

Pete the Moose is Safe!!!


Hey everyone – I just wanted to let you know that your love and support really helped Pete The Moose out. I recently got an update from the organizers of Save Pete The Moose and they went to speak to Vermont legislators recently and they were very sympathetic towards Pete. The legislators are being very hard on Vermont Fish and Wildlife. And according to the organizers, “it looks like we maybe are winning one for the little guy.” And after that update, Beth sent me another email saying that Pete is safe!!! Take a look at this article to see all of the details – but the bottom line is that Pete is not going to be killed, and will get to stay where he is with his guardian/friend David!!

Thank you for all of your support! I’m so happy for Pete. Take a look at his cute music video!

And I want to let all of you know – Pete doesn’t live in a cage, even though it kinda looks like it in that video. Beth, who heads the Save Pete the Moose Organization, assured me that he has 100 acres to roam around… The video you see of him at the fence is where he comes to see David and be fed.

Beth also told me that Pete does have a normal life in some respects. He has interaction with other moose that come onto the property, and has been paired with a female moose, that they call Patty, for several months now… And that Patty is a wild moose who showed up on her own. Pete roams the 100 acres freely according to Beth… And it is all pristine, natural habitat, with bodies of water and natural vegetation.

And in the video is also kinda looks like Pete is chowing down on meat, so I asked Beth about that too, cause it would be weird if the farmer was feeding him flesh… She said that Pete is fed a strict vegetarian diet. He eats willow branches, bananas, apples and in the winter was fed hay due to the lack of willow, and he does a great bit of grazing on his own. In the video he is eating apples.

Check out this sweet video of a baby moose, you will love it:

And again, thank you everyone for supporting Pete!