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Sugar-holics Anonymous…

Ok, so my name is Alicia Silverstone… and I’m a sugar addict.

It’s not my fault! It follows me everywhere I go. It stalks me. It shows up everywhere, unexpected… seduces me, then leaves me miserable.

This is an official cry to the world to say that if you care about me, in any way, shape, or form, please DO NOT bring me any item made with cane juice!! I don’t know how to say no to it! It is so sweet and kind of people to want to feed me great chocolates and muffins and cakes and such, but what it does to me is so bad.

I also eat it because I think:

a.) It’s vegan, and that’s so great that this person giving it to me found something vegan. They went to all the effort to get it…

b.) I think I am your test pilot and need to tell flirts about great chocolate and stuff

and finally…

c.) I’m crazy!

None of these reasons are rational.

When I was still in New York, I went on a fun date with Laura Linney when our show was all done. We saw a play, went to Angelica’s for an early dinner, then to Lula’s Sweet Apothecary for ice cream. She got the Caramel with something (I can’t remember what it was) scoop. I couldn’t decide what I wanted so I got four different flavors… that’s right, you heard me, FOUR. I got the Peanut Butter with Fudge (how could I say no to that?!), the Caramel one, the Mint Chip, and the Coffee. My favorite was the Caramel and Peanut Butter.

Lula’s is adorable and really yummy. For anyone flirting or vegan in NY, you must RUN there. For superheros, don’t do it. Or just do it every once in awhile. I didn’t eat it all that night, so don’t worry. I left half of it and they were baby scoops… but it was delicious.

Here is what happened that night: I went to bed and felt like I never went to sleep. I mean, eventually I fell asleep, but it never felt like I did. I had one idea going round and round in my head, so it never felt like my brain turned off or that I rested. Then, I woke up earlier than usual. This is what happens to me every time I have sugar… even the pretty, cute pure cane juice sugar. I do NOT like this!!! I like to have restful sleep and feel rejuvenated the next day.

The crazy thing here is that I know this is going to happen to me every time I have sugar. I mean there is an entire chapter about this in my book! I know it’s bad and yet I still do it. This is why I started Sugar-holics Anonymous… so there is a place for addicts to come and discuss and try to get off this stuff together. I’m being silly here, but part serious too, fyi.

I’m serious about the fact that when I go off to shoot films this summer, I am not having sugar!!!! I barely have sugar at home in LA. New York was mean to me. It seduced me everyday with chocolate, ice cream, and cupcakes and such. I’m breaking up with sugar now… I hope for good! And if you are going to have sugar, at least don’t be a dummy like me and have it anywhere close to bedtime.

On a little side note to vendors out there that are awesome vegan treat-making businesses that use cane sugar – If you guys are wanting to send me some of your goodies to try, please refrain!! I can’t take it anymore. I’m sad to say that, but the sugar is making me crazy!

P.S. Since I wrote this blog, I have been free of sugar for a while now…thank god! I’ve been in Los Angeles and Louisiana, and making yummie treats at home in my little kitchen that I love, so the sugar cycle has been broken. But man, I was hooked in NY!!!