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May 19th, 2010 | By Alicia Silverstone

Sweet and Sara make some really delicious marshmallows. These are like no other marshmallows you will ever try! I remember trying some vegan marshmallows 11 years ago and they were um, hard and icky! But Sara’s are great!

The S’mores (both the regular and peanut butter flavors) were the biggest hit at the theater when I was still there for Time Stands Still.


I had gotten some for the cast and crew. Laura said she loved them quite a few times!! I’ve tried all of the flavors I think. We had one super fun day at the theater where we had a big tasting of all of them. Then, I went on stage like a cracked-out freak! The Toasted Coconut Marshmallows were really yum, and the Original S’mores are next in line. Soooo good! They are the best bet for someone who isn’t so interested in a plant-based diet. This will get them happy! After the Original Smores, I’d go for the Peanut Butter S’mores, then the Rocky Road Bark. Those are my picks, with the Original Smores as my favorite! The only thing I haven’t tried are the Biscotti.


The only sad thing about these treats is that they are not one bit superhero….but they are vegan! They are definitely healthier than any other regular dessert you would get out in the world, but sugar is the devil and they do have a little sugar in them so beware. They are wonderful gifts for meat eaters and flirts and are great for a party. Not great for weight loss or for overall superhero feelings, but still a super duper yummy treat!!! And Sara tells me that in the future they are trying to get an organic rice syrup instead of using corn syrup, so that’s good. Check out Sara’s products to see other yummy flavors.


Sara is so sweet, I’m so happy to share these treats with you!

Another great source for marshmallows… well, for a marshmallow fluff, is from Suzanne Specialties. They make a Ricemellow Creme. It’s just like regular marshmallow fluff! They sell it locally at M Cafe and you can also order it online at It’s great cause they don’t use sugar, they use brown rice syrup instead!


Photo Credit: Sweet and Sara

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