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Elizabeth Berni’s huge success!


Kind Lifer Elizabeth Berni sent me her success story and I wanted everyone to see it! Elizabeth’s story is awesome on every level. Not only has she improved her own health, but also the health of her daughter! Check it out:

“In 2010 I decided to get healthy. I have been diagnosed with endometriosis, adenomyosis, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis an auto-immune disease, anxiety disorder, depression, insomnia and infertility. When I gave birth to a little girl in 2007 through infertility treatment I frantically started searching for ways to make sure that she never had to deal with all of these issues. This lead to organic, green living w/ glass bottles and cloth diapers.

It was at the beginning of this year that your book came into my life through a friend. I have taken Norco for over eight years for pain, as well as many more meds I won’t go into. My doctors have been pushing me to have a full hysterectomy for 8 years. This last month my husband and I went in for our infertility appointment with our doctor and we were told that I did not need medication! I was not just releasing one egg, or two, but ten!

Since January I have lost over 30 pounds & counting! I have gone months without a panic attack. My skin is glowing, my hair is healthier than ever before. My energy is through the roof and sleep better every night. I have been able to eliminate over 7 meds from my daily routine, and the rest are on their way!


My two year old daughter, Monica, is simply flourishing on this diet! She loves fruit and veggies. She has always been a little girl with lots and lots of energy but her energy is now focused! She loves to garden with her daddy in our organic garden and she is putting on weight at a steady and healthy pace. Her pediatrician says she is doing better than ever before!

For Mother’s Day this year I gave my mother your book. More than everything else that I have gained from The Kind Diet, I have gained a love of my body and my soul and I want to share that with my mother and every other woman who I come across. Thank you for sharing your heart with the world. You changed my family’s life and we are forever thankful!”