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Furniture Made Out of Decaying Wood!

I recently came across a very cool furniture company, Hudson Furniture Inc., that makes all of their furniture out of salvaged trees or wind/storm damaged trees. I think it’s so great to use reclaimed wood rather than cut down trees growing in forests. When I buy furniture, if I don’t buy something used, I only buy new things that are made out of reclaimed wood. I also love the rustic, earthy look so I did some research to see what other companies are out there that also use reclaimed wood and here are a few that I found. But if anyone knows of any cool reclaimed wood companies I’d love to hear about those as well!

Los Angeles

Antico Furniture

Cliff Spencer

Stranger Furniture

New York

Domestic Aesthetic (smaller housewares)

John Houshmand

Varian Designs

San Francisco/Berkeley

The Wooden Duck

Urban Hardwoods


Meyer Wells

Urban Hardwoods

There are so many awesome things you can make with reclaimed wood. I just found some great reclaimed wood picture frames on Etsy. I also remember going into a very cool vintage clothing store in the Valley a couple years ago and their clothing racks were made out of reclaimed tree trunks! It was such a fun way to present the clothes.

In my home I also have a dining room table made out of an old bowling alley lane!

I also have some reclaimed shelves in the living room, and recently bought a wine rack made of reclaimed wood. It’s so pretty! I need to find a home for it though, because I don’t have space for it right now.

What have you made with reclaimed wood?