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I love the Beverly Hills Juice Club!

Beverly Hills Juice Club is my favorite juice place in Los Angeles. My dad discovered this place when he moved to LA when I was about 15, and he had been going there long before I found out about it. It has been about 10 years that I’ve been going there occasionally, sometimes more often!g8pvdeKGl08x0SbpbD7FD4Ce.jpeg:Amazon:photo

I love many of the drinks there, but my favorite is the Banana Manna Shake with Apple Strawberry Coconut Juice. The Apple Mint Coconut juice is also so good… I also like the Orange Coconut Juice and the Tangerine Coconut Juice. And the Cinnamon Apple juice turned into a shake is great too.

This little place is great for a treat, or for when you are needing a good snack. It’s insanely delicious. The guy who owns it is at the farmer’s market every Sunday when my husband and I go. Christopher was determined to become friends with him… Which turned out to be a difficult task. Christopher calls him the juice dude. Anywho, we now have a nice little thing going with him when we see him. My man calls out, “Hey juice dude!”