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Olsenhaus vegan shoes!



I wanted to let all of you know about Olsenhaus, which is a New York based shoe brand that is completely, 100% vegan! Not only is every style totally vegan, but their shoes are also really cute and fashionable.


I recently read an interview with Elizabeth Olsen, who is the head designer for Olsen Haus. Here is what she had to say about their new collection: “Our Fall 2010 collection is made with recycled upper of material that originated as TV factory waste. We are also experimenting with a recycled tire sole on a few styles, along with sustainable cork and wood detailing. A recycled heel is also in the works. Otherwise, we utilize organic cotton canvas, nylon, linen, and velvets – all breathable, high-quality products that surpass leather in all respects. The glue used for making the shoes is animal product free as well”