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August 30th, 2010 | By Alicia Silverstone

Mary Cordaro is a healthy home guru and can cure “sick building syndrome” or “sick home”.
She focuses on creating a healthy, green workplace and home using the fields of Bau-Biologie (Bau-Biologie translates as “building biology”, a discipline from Germany dedicated to improving how our homes impact our lives and the living environment) and Building Science with very low consumption so that you are truly living an ecological lifestyle indoors.
It all started in 1989 for Mary, when she was working on trying to create an eco-friendly environment in her own home. She wanted to use materials that had very little effect on all of us and the planetary health. Since then Mary has gathered a team of specialist to test and eliminate contaminants, electromagnetic fields, mold and chemicals in indoor spaces. Mary continually works with architects, contractors, designers, health practitioners, and medical doctors to find more ways to improve our indoor environment.

Mary is available for consultations and she also sells water purification systems and air cleaners which are found on her online store. The water purifiers and air cleaners offered from Mary Cordaro Inc. are sophisticated and state of the art. They are more effective than most conventional filters and will do a great job at protecting your family from awful chemicals that pollute your indoor area. You can also learn more about healthy indoors in the multi media section of her website. I finally switched my water system over to one I got through Mary. I was stubborn, and it took me a long time to do it, but I did and I’m very happy with it!

Mary is expensive…so private consultations are not for everyone. But she does have great info on her website for free, and she teaches classes.

Homes can have 50 times more contaminants than the outdoors…so if you are sick, or have any suspicion that your home has mold in it, it would be very important to call Mary ASAP. It’s so worth it.

I’ve learned some great things over the years from Mary, and I will be sharing that info with you. But for those of you who would like to have a coach for your home – someone to make your home the healthiest and most environmentally friendly you can – and you have the dough to pay for it, she is an amazing resource. She charges by the hour, so you can get a lot of info from her if you need it!

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