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Olivia & Laura love the kind diet!!!


I just got an email from Olivia Wilde that made me sooo happy! She is currently in Santa Fe working on the film Cowboys and Aliens… Here is what she wrote me:

“The catering chef on set here in Santa Fe has been using your book to cook for me…I’ve been hardcore vegan the whole time without having to compromise due to lack of food. For a snack today he made me your Fried Mochi. To die for. For dessert? Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups! Heaven. Sam Rockwell has been ordering what he calls the “vegan surprise” every day, along with many of the crew. So cool. Yesterday Jason the chef made your rice crispy treats!”


This makes me so happy I can’t even stand it!!!!!

Laura Linney, who was my costar in Time Stands Still on Broadway, is doing the same thing on the set of her new show, The Big C. She is having the catering people make a whole section of vegan options, using recipes from my book!

I love these women!!!!!