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Visiting family!



A little while ago Christopher and I drove down to San Diego to see my parents. My aunt, uncle and cousins from Staten Island were also down there visiting, so it was the perfect opportunity to see everyone before I left for Detroit to shoot Vamps.


When we got to San Diego, Christopher and I made the Peach and Mint Iced Tea from my book (page 212). We then took a walk with my mom’s 4 dogs… All were rescued of course! Then that night, we made a big, fun dinner for everyone.


The entire dinner menu was made up of recipes from my book! I love that all of my favorite recipes are in one place… It makes my life so much easier when I’m planning meals! Here is the menu we prepared:


Caesar Salad (pg. 175)
Waffle, Sausage and Cheese Panini (pg. 153): This was sooooo yummie! I hadn’t had this one in a while, and it was absolutely delicious.
Cuban-Style Roasted Sweet Potatoes (pg. 266): One of my cousins, Marlene, is Cuban so this was fun to make for her! These sweet potatoes turn out soooo good. We used white sweet potatoes, not the orange yams.
Peanut Butter Pie (pg. 189) for dessert!


The whole meal was so good. Most of my family members are big-time meat eaters, and they all seemed very happy and satisfied, and thoroughly enjoyed the food. It was pretty darn sweet!


Andrew and Melissa are my little cousins who are such sweet kids. They are now 15 and 13… But I remember when their mom was pregnant with them, and I would rub her belly! And I held them and squeezed them for the last 15 years, so it’s crazy that they’re mini-adults now! Time really flies.

Just wanted to share!