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October 22nd, 2010 | By Alicia Silverstone


Hey Kind Lifers – I’ve been receiving some really great questions via direct message, and because of a lot of these questions popped up multiple times I thought I’d give some answers to everyone. I figured if I keep getting the same questions over and over, a lot of you are probably having these questions as well! So here it goes…

Carolyn asks…
I read in your book that you stopped using birth control pills. Could you give me advice in this area and tell me what your solution has been?

Okay, here is my answer but don’t blame me if you get pregnant. And obviously this won’t work for everyone. I personally don’t like condoms, I hate them!! I read this book called A Cooperative Method of Birth Control by Margaret Nofziger and I recommend you do the same. The book basically outlines how women can chart their days to try and get pregnant. I used it to try not to get pregnant. I learned from those books that there are very few days that you can get pregnant and it’s right before you ovulate and right after and of course during… So take action those days. Basically, read that book for all the info. Again, this plan isn’t for everyone but it’s what works for me.


Brendan Brazier

Apple writes…
I notice that you mention in the book that you were able to lose weight on The Kind Diet. Well suppose someone wants to gain weight or at least maintiain their current weight, how can I incorporate the kind diet without loosing weight?


Robert Cheeke

So for anyone trying to maintain weight or gain weight you will want to eat from the vegan section of the book. Feel free to enjoy Seitan and Tempeh each three times a week. Enjoy whole grain breads not necessarily everyday but 3-4 times a week. Providing you have no other conditions health wise, also eat nut butters and vegan desserts from the book. Add principles from superhero like greens, miso and seaweed for great health. But feel free to go crazy on vegan stuff that appeals to you. And you can have fun, processed stuff every once and a while if you want. You have freedom so play and enjoy.


You can use protien powders if you want to…they always make me feel wierd but they work for some people. If you want to be strong and have big muscles then you have to workout – it’s the workout that gets you that! Remember Bruce Lee, Brendan Brazier and Robert Cheeke? A good guy book would be either The Engine 2 Diet by Rip Esselstyn or Meat is for Pussies.

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