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October 6th, 2010 | By Alicia Silverstone

I just wanted to highlight some great sounding charities in Detroit….I had a lot of fun shooting Vamps there and quite enjoyed the city. It feels real, and the architecture is stimulating and interesting. I met many groovy people on really neat paths. Here are some of the organizations that I found out about while in Detroit:

Forgotten Harvest relieves hunger in Detroit by rescuing surplus prepared and perishable foods and donating it to emergency food providers….sounds amazing!!!!! I love the non-wasting philosophy together with feeding people in need! Yay! You can donate to Forgotten Harvest here and find out about volunteer opportunities here.
Goodwill Industries of greater Detroit trains underprivileged people to gain job skills and helps to place them not just in jobs but careers. Their whole philosophy is to help people to gain the skills they need to secure lifelong employment. After placing people in jobs, Goodwill Industries continues to follow up with them, and helps with services like transportation and childcare. You can donate to Goodwill Industries here.
S.A.Y. Detroit (Super All Year Project) was founded by author Mitch Albom and provides health and human services, including food, shelter, and medical care to the homeless population in Detroit. Among its projects are building a daycare for the children of homeless women, and building a medical clinic for the homeless population. You can find out more about S.A.Y. Detroit here and you can donate here.
What’s your favorite local charity?

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