Nourishing Nishime

By January 20, 2012Delicious

I just fell in love again with the nishime (ni-shee-may) recipe from my book- well, I never really fell out of love with it except when I was pregnant. It’s a traditional macrobiotic vegetable dish and though I couldn’t eat one bite of it during my entire pregnancy, just a few weeks ago I started finding it delicious again! I’m just so happy with how it tastes- it makes me feel so balanced and nourished- sooo good for winter.

If you haven’t tried nishime, it’s on page 273 of The Kind Diet. It’s especially nourishing to the stomach, spleen and pancreas. It’s so, so good for you and very superhero – but also, it’s just yum!

Eat it often!

What’s your favorite superhero comfort food?


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