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January 17th, 2012 | By Alicia Silverstone

Kind Lifer Karly recently shared how researching factory farming has helped her to continue her kind journey. Check it out:

“I am writing you to share with you a small story of inspiration that I credit quite a bit to you. This past semester, I decided to go back to school. I had traveled a lot over the last few years, and done various things in order to find myself. Now at twenty-three years old, I feel like I am on a path. School was a challenge for me at first, and I recently was diagnosed with ADD. This was quite disheartening, but I realized I could either hide from it or take it full throttle and battle it with strength. With the mental change, I decided I wanted to make a physical change as well. I then picked up your book The Kind Diet, and it really helped me to grow and see that food is a healing tool. I still am on my ADD meds, but adopting a kind diet (slowly…I’m still a bit of a ‘flirt’) has been an incredibly beneficial and educational tool in helping to conquer my ADD.

Because of this growth and movement in my life over the past few months, I had the opportunity to decide between two options for a final research paper for my English class: write about an issue with education or volunteer and write on a social matter of my choice. Your book and writings inspired me heavily, therefore I chose to write about the environmental, economical and personally physical impact of factory farming and genetically modified foods. Because of this paper, I know that if I really work hard at something, I can achieve incredible things, all while educating myself and others at the same time. I’ve discovered writing as a passion, and I feel like I am now on a path toward fulfilling that.”

Yay, Karly! Keep us updated on your kind journey, and be sure to reach out to other flirts, vegans, and superheroes in the kind forum for advice and support. All you kind lifers can also read Karly’s paper here.

If any of you have a success story to share, private message me or upload your story to your profile and ‘like’ it. I may feature you on the homepage of The Kind Life!


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