success story: mary sheds over 100 pounds

By January 24, 2012Kind Cures

Kind Lifer Mary recently shared how she shed weight by cutting out processed foods and amping up her fruit and veggie intake. Check it out:

Hi there! I read about Jaki and her awesome success breaking her sugar addiction! I can definitely relate. A little less than two years ago, on Valentine’s Day, I read Food Inc. and decided I could no longer eat the foods I had spent my life thinking were okay. I gave up processed foods, started eating more raw fruits and veggies and adopted a vegetarian lifestyle. Combined with exercise, I lost 105 pounds in a year! I applaud Jaki and people like her for making big changes that can drastically change their lives! Thanks for posting such great stories!

Mary, congrats! So happy for you!

If any of you kind lifers have a success story to share, email me! I may feature you on the homepage of The Kind Life!

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