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February 2nd, 2012 | By Alicia Silverstone

I found this great video on Girlie Girl Army and wanted to share! It provides a really nice summary of how cosmetics companies are continuing to put cancer-linked chemicals in everything from shampoo to lipstick. This video is really cool if you have never learned about why products are not safe if you are a natural cosmetic flirt, if you will!
If you are still buying mainstream cosmetics, you should know that there are great alternatives to be found. You can find my recommendations for natural makeup here, and you can also find some of my favorite beauty products in my OpenSky store. One of the best ways you can fight for laws that would regulate cosmetics is to boycott the bad stuff, and use your dollar to vote for what is natural and good. I think you can make a huge difference that way!
Anywho, if you’re not using healthy, eco-friendly cosmetics already, definitely watch this!
What are some of your favorite cosmetics brands?

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