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mark bridges wins BAFTA for the artist!

By February 22, 2012Kind 101

February 22nd, 2012 | By Alicia Silverstone

Just wanted to share this with all of you! Mark Bridges and I have been friends since we worked together on Blast From The Past, 14 years ago:

Watch his acceptance speech here

Look at his sweet, cute face! I just love him! I’m soooo happy for him. He works so hard and is so talented, so completely deserved!
He’s also worked on projects like There Will Be Blood (costumes, amazing), Magnolia, The Fighter (amazing, amazing costumes, so real, so subtle, so perfect), Boogie Nights, 8 Mile, Punch Drunk Love, and Blow.
You may also remember him from The Kind Diet. The Warm Spicy Wine recipe on page 210 is all about my friend Mark Bridges; so check it out if you haven’t. So yum!
When I watched this, I got all emotional. It’s such a special feeling to watch someone you care about so much have such a special moment in their life. I’m just sharing cause I think it’s so rad. Do you know what I mean?
Have you ever felt so proud of someone and so happy for them? I’m sure you have; tell me about it in the comments below!
PS our friend the hilarious Missi Pyle is in The Artist as well!
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