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success story: erica loses 110 pounds

By February 14, 2012April 3rd, 2021Kind Cures

February 14th, 2012 | By Alicia Silverstone



Erica recently shared her incredible story about how making changes to her already-vegan diet made her healthier and happier. Check it out:

In January of 2011, I was laid off from my job. After about a week of feeling aimless, I needed to feel productive, so I decided to tackle the problem of my poor health. I weighed 268 pounds and though I had already been vegan for a few years, I was most definitely a junk food vegan and pretty much lived on French fries and cookies. I felt like I needed to take control of that part of my life since the career portion was out of my hands.

I cleaned the junk food out of my cupboards and replaced it with whole foods… fruits and veggies from the Farmers Market just a few blocks away, whole grains, legumes and all sorts of delicious but healthy things. I also started working out with videos and eventually joined a gym. In the first month, I lost eighteen pounds and had more energy than I ever had before.

Fast-forward one year and here I am, 110 pounds lighter and happier than I ever thought possible. I ran my first 5k last year and have a few more races planned for this year. I’ve been hired to host nutrition and fitness workshops for a physician’s office. I’m also going to work on obtaining certification to become a personal trainer. I love, love, love cooking and if I’m not in the gym, at work, or with friends, you can usually find me talking about food on my blog (though it’s not a cooking blog) or scouring other blogs for the next delicious recipe to experiment with.



I considered myself a happy person before this transformation but I never dreamed that it was possible to feel this good and full of life and energy. I truly believe in the power of healthy, whole foods and the impact nutrition and exercise can have on a person’s life. My life has changed dramatically in the past year and I couldn’t be more excited to continue down this path and see what this next year has in store!”

Erica! Congratulations on your weight loss and your life change.

If any of you kind lifers have a success story you’d like to share, private message me or post a note to your profile and like it. I may feature you on the homepage of The Kind Life.

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