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March 6th, 2012 | By Alicia Silverstone

Here is my advice on filling up your tank: try and get gas from the little guy in your neighborhood – the gas stations that are smaller, non-chains that are locally owned (if you can find one in your neighborhood). You can search for local gas stations on Just avoid Chevron and Exxon like the plague, because they contribute so much pollution and are so destructive to the environment.

If there aren’t any Ma & Pa gas stations around you, just make sure to avoid Chevron and Exxon. The other big guys feel a tad less offensive than these two. Chevron and Exxon are dumping toxic waste in the Amazon without consequence! This toxic waste overflows into streams and pollutes all of the water. Take a look at the piece that 60 minutes did. It’s so upsetting! Chevron even went so far to produce a fake news segment which misleads the public! What’s so scary about this is that this fake news segment seems to be totally legit, as they used a CNN correspondent.

There are ways to conserve fuel too such as avoiding high speeds, don’t accelerate or brake hard, make sure you keep your tires properly inflated, use your A/C sparingly, take care of your car and service it regularly, use cruise control when you can, avoid heavy loads when taking long trips… and if you need to purchase a new car, make sure you get a fuel efficient one!

If you live in Los Angeles, make sure to stop by this amazing BP gas station on Olympic and Robertson called Helios House. Check out what the LA Times has to say about it:

“The nation’s first certifiably green gasoline station sports a futuristic metal canopy covered in shiny triangles of uncoated, recyclable stainless steel.”

The rooftop holds 90 solar panels and a collection system that gathers rainfall to irrigate drought-tolerant plants nearby. The underside is outfitted with low-energy lighting. Cars will roll across concrete mixed with bits of recycled glass…

Dubbed Helios House by BP, the eco-friendly station at the corner of Robertson and Olympic boulevards replaces a slightly run-down Thrifty station that served customers from Los Angeles and nearby Beverly Hills. The new gas station was built with cutting-edge earth-friendly design, using such materials as farmed wood and less-polluting paint, and its customers will be pushed to save energy.

Members of the station’s “green team” will check the tire pressure on customers’ cars and advise that properly inflated tires boost gas mileage. They will give out energy-saving tips, printed on recycled paper embedded with flower seeds that sprout when the card is planted in the ground.

While its customers pump gas — a three-minute task, on average — BP will show eco-vignettes and green videos on screens built into the fuel dispensers.”

This is my absolute favorite gas station. I just love going there! It has such good vibes, and even though there is still gas involved, I feel like this is the best place to get it.

Any of you who don’t live in Los Angeles – have you found any groovy, green gas stations like this?


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