mama & baby workouts

By March 23, 2012Mama

Mommy and me workouts are a great way to stay fit and spend time with your baby. There are tons of ideas online for how to workout with your baby- everything from Pilates workouts, to hiking while carrying your little one in a sling. Many yoga studios also offer mommy and me classes, check out what’s available in your area, and take a look at my friend Desi Bartlett’s guest blog about mommy and me yoga. It’s a great way to get a workout, spend time with the little one, and meet other new moms going through a lot of the same things you’re going through.

Here are a few more mama & baby workout ideas from YouTube. This video made me smile all the way through. What a beautiful woman and her baby-so sweet.

What are your favorite mama & baby workout ideas? Do you know of any great classes? Share links in the comments below.

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