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could you live for a year without toilet paper?

“Yesterday, I shared ten great eco docs to watch for Earth Day. One that really piques my interest is No Impact Man, about eco writer and activist Colin Beavan and his family.

I haven’t watched the whole film yet, but the trailer has me intrigued! In a nutshell, Colin and his family commit to a full year of living without making any impact on the environment and that means no takeout food, toilet paper, TV, electricity; all in the middle of Manhattan! It sounds intense, but he and his family seem to have a great sense of humor, and the doc looks informative and funny.

See what goes down over the Beavans’s no impact year by streaming the whole film on Netflix or you can buy the DVD here. You can also get a bunch of eco-living tips on Colin’s blog, like this video reminding us how the “good life” isn’t the same as the “goods life” (buying lots of stuff that’s marketed to us everywhere). I love this, and I think it’s so important! It’s super quick and easy to watch, and it’s great reminder for Earth Day:

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  • esther

    I will order the dvd today! Have been living like that for quite some time, a few years back (not that extreme though) and had even a dry compost toilet and sew the washable diapers out of old clothes of the first son, for the second..makes you very creative!! yeah!!!