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April 18th, 2012 | By Alicia Silverstone

Kind Lifer Ladies, what do you do with your old bras? They’re made of elastic, under wires, stretchy fabric and hooks and unless you’re buying a bra that is eco-friendly (made of organic cotton or even bamboo or pine), none of that is biodegradable. All of that stuff just sits in landfills!

I have never thrown a bra out, I always give them away. As weird as this may sound, someone will want your old bra. Someone has a worse bra than your old one. Instead of tossing them in the garbage, try these fun ways of up-cyclying or recycling them!

There are a few organizations where you can donate your bra to be recycled. Oxfam Bra Amnesty in the UK is promoting this month as Big Bra Hunt. A portion of the bras collected will be sold by women in WestAfrica, where bras are hard to come by and the money raised will go back to the communities. in Arizona also takes donations of gently used bras. Some of these are supplied to women in need around the world. Crazily enough, women in Japan can donate their bras to be converted into fuel! The type of fuel that they make has the same efficiency as coal, but emits less carbon dioxide and the cost of the bra-based fuel is one-fourth the price of coal!

If you want have some fun up-cycling your old bra, has some fun ideas for creating art, herb pouches, and even a purse from your old brazier!

What are some other ideas for recycling your old bras?


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