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April 24th, 2012 | By Alicia Silverstone

When I went back to New York for the Vamps screening, Christopher, Bear, and I went twice to this organic macrobiotic restaurant we love called Souen. This is a superhero restaurant, minus the fish of course!

What I love is the yuba skin soup. Yuba is this sweet-tasting skin made of soy protein that forms on top of soy milk after it’s been heated and then cooled. So delicious! The tempura there is also super yummy and the macro plate is of course so healing and tasty. I got some cookies for the plane ride back to LA–so good!! The green tea mousse tastes kind of like the green tea ice cream I used to get when I was a kid. It certainly does the trick. Yum!

It also makes for great airplane food. I always pack food for the plane so picking up some Souen makes a guaranteed good flight.

We almost always stay downtown so this place is our lifesaver for superhero style. It’s just such a great place to grab a bite when you need to stay healthy and are running around like crazy and working a ton. They have three locations, but this time we went to the SoHo one. Nourishing and delicious as always.

What are your favorite superhero restaurants or restaurants that serve superhero food?


Photo: Souen

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