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June 7th, 2012 | By Alicia Silverstone

My little munchkin recently turned one! We took the photos above the morning of his birthday and made this home video of him opening a present from one of our friends:

One of my missions in life is to stop the production of all the “stuff.” That includes trying to avoid being given gifts we don’t really need. I was proud that Bea’s first birthday gifts were a reflection of our mission. He didn’t get a ton of gifts at all, but what he did get was thoughtful and useful. For example, my parents and a dear family friend each gave him a check so we could open his first bank account. My dad did this with me when I was little – I remember going to the bank with him. It was really neat at the time! I was a little girl, but not as young as Bear, as I remember the whole thing.

Christopher’s mom asked us what he needed in advance. He really needed socks so she gave him organic socks made by a company called Baby Legs (they also make non-organic socks, but she picked the organic ones). How great of her that she asked and did research and found super cute socks! His other gift of course was the ukulele you see in the video made by Zither Heaven, from my friend Alex Keeling. It’s so cute, and he loves it – he always loves when Daddy plays guitar.

On Bear’s birthday (also Cinco de Mayo), we attended a party for our great friend’s kid named Calhoun. They gave Bear a school bus made of 100% recycled plastic, made by Green Toys. These were all his presents! Not bad for age one! And not too harmful for the planet! Yahoo!

What are some eco gifts you’ve given to your kids?


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