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kind bride: planning an eco & veg-friendly wedding

By June 28, 2012April 3rd, 2021Green Life, Kind 101

June 28th, 2012 | By Alicia Silverstone



Since so many weddings happen in summer, I thought I’d share some details about my own wedding and ideas for planning your own eco friendly veg wedding.

Here are some family pictures I found…this is Christopher’s mother, Candy Cope’s wedding. She’s pictured below with her bridesmaids and her parents. I found these photos and thought they were so beautiful. I think Candy looks so much like Ginnifer Goodwin, don’t you? I love the bridesmaids’ dresses, and the feeling and style of it all…just lovely. I find these pictures very beautiful and inspiring. If you’re planning a vintage wedding, maybe you’ll find these inspiring too!

Recently, my family attended a friend’s wedding in Camarillo. They made some cool, natural choices, from the location to the seating and decorations. Instead of ordering flowers, they used wildflowers…nice and wild, and cost-effective! The look was beautiful. Everything looked homemade or repurposed from stuff they already had.

There were little tables set up with simple tablecloths and wildflowers for centerpieces. For the ceremony seating, they had haystacks with multicolored shawls spread over them. They used lavender wrapped in paper to sprinkle on the center aisle. You would never know, but behind the parking sign in the photograph above, there was a junkyard…they did a great job of turning it into a beautiful backdrop.

a kind wedding

These are all ideas you could use as inspiration for your own wedding! I’d say the most important choice is location. Once you pick that, you can figure out how to work with what you have and what the location has to offer. The key about the location is if you pick somewhere really beautiful and natural and simple, you don’t need flowers and all that stuff – just the beauty of what’s already there.

What’s the most beautiful wedding you ever attended?

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