lil kind life: alanis morissette responds to time magazine cover controversy

By June 7, 2012Mama

tbd:Amazon:photoAlanis Morissette recently posted an article on The Huffington Post dedicated to the benefits of attachment parenting. Alanis, who has a toddler named Ever, wrote the piece in response to the recent Time magazine controversy. Here’s an excerpt:

“I personally believe that the attachment stage, done well, can circumvent countless addictions later in life because many of these addictions are often a temporary attempt at feeling this sense of connection. If a child’s needs during this stage of development are not met, he or she will be staving off a haunting sense of cellular disconnection and loneliness for a lifetime. They will not have effectively internalized a loving nurturance as their own love-style.”

In the article, Alanis discusses how attachment parenting affects children during the different stages of the development process.

Read the entire article on The Huffington Post here.

What are your thoughts on Alanis’s attachment parenting article?


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