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kind book club: orgasmic birth

One of my favorite books I read while I was pregnant with Bear was Orgasmic Birth by Elizabeth Davis and Deborah Pascali-Bonaro.

The book is based on the documentary of the same name – I recommend checking out both. They each convey how childbirth can be a joyful experience, not the frightening, and/or clinical experience we are taught to expect. For anyone who is pregnant, read this book ASAP! And I highly recommend it for anyone who is contemplating having a baby.

Check out my comments on the film here.

I can’t recommend the book enough. It’s just a great read: inspiring, calming, empowering, interesting and helpful.

Snag your copy, and tell me what your favorite aspects of this book &film are in the comments below! At the end of the month, I’ll share your feedback in a blog post, so start reading (and watching)!

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