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Beyond Meat: The Future of Meat Substitutes?



Whole Foods stores across Northern California have started selling a new item called Beyond Meat Veggie Chicken Strips, a soy protein product that claims to be the closet thing to real chicken available on the market. Biz Stone and Evan Williams, better known as the founders of Twitter, are backing the company, with Stone mentioning that the product tastes so much like chicken that some non-meat eaters might be turned off by the convincing taste and texture. From the photos alone it does look an awful lot like animal product, and though many long-time vegans may definitely not be interested in the faux-animal flavor, it could be helpful for flirts.

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Gardein and Field Roast and all the other yum vegan products are essentially doing the same thing. If these products help people to stay away from chicken and actual meat, I’m all for it!

What are your thoughts on meat substitutes? Would you try Beyond Meat?


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  • esther

    Here in Europe we are still way behind on vegan substitues….but getting there. It helped me to become vegan and it also helps when inviting friends over for dinner…I think it is an absolute “must” to help people make the step!

  • Addog

    I have tried these and they are fantastic! I guess i’m what Kathy Freston calls a “leaner”; I eat vegetarian most of the time, (with some slips along the way), and my wife is a 35 year vegetarian. Vegan meat substitutes help me get back on the wagon.