Farm Sanctuary Wants to Help You Save Animals!

One of my favorite organizations is Farm Sanctuary. They run two sanctuaries in California and one in New York and they actively campaign for animal-friendly legislation. They also educate the public about animal rights by giving tours of their sanctuaries and conducting outreach efforts online and at events around the country. Two years ago, I had my birthday at one of the California sanctuaries they now run (then, it was known as Animal Acres). It was such great day!

Anywho, I recently became a spokesperson for Farm Sanctuary’s Compassionate Communities Campaign, an outreach effort aimed at helping animal advocates share their kind lifestyle by learning how to compassionately promote healthy eating, build a community, and advocate for animals. Here’s a video I made about Compassionate Communities:

Please join me!! Here are some ways you can get involved:

Help Farm Animals By Leafleting

Start a Social Group

Educate Yourself

The more information you have, the better advocate you can be. Farm Sanctuary lists a ton of great essays and books here that will help you answer questions from skeptics or veg-curious people you talk to everyday. I also cover all of this and more in The Kind Diet, so if you haven’t yet, grab a copy here!

How else can we educate others about living a kinder life?


Welcome to The Kind Life!