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Chic & Green Digs My Cleanser and Moisturizer!

Eco beauty blogger Karley from Chic & Green recently reviewed my cleanser and moisturizer from my Juice Beauty collection. Here’s an excerpt from her post:

I adore the skin care products from Juice Beauty, particularly the Green Apple line. I also adore Alicia Silverstone. I was tickled pink when she featured one of my DIY projects on her blog, The Kind Life, and I also can credit making this transition from being an omnivore over to Veganism to her book.

I was excited when the folks at Juice Beauty asked me to try the new Alicia Silverstone for Juice Beauty line. I was sent some beautiful products and will be reviewing 2 of them today.

First of all, I’d like to tell you more about this line. The entire Alicia Silverstone collection is vegan.

They are full of wholesome, antioxidant-rich ingredients, and the packaging is derived from 95% post consumer recycled materials. Like all Juice Beauty products, these are without any of the questionable nasty chemicals found in most beauty products.

Simply Pure Chamomile Cleanser ($22 for a 6 ounce bottle) is the first product I had the chance to try out. It is wonderful. So gentle! It isn’t creamy, nor is it a foaming formula. I love that this is more of a lightweight gel. It has a very light scent from the chamomile and echinacea, but it is natural and ever so faint.

Thank you for the kind words, Karley!

Have you tried my Juice Beauty products yet? Which are your favorite?



  • Stephanie

    I bought everything! And I feel like a little girl waiting for Christmas. Please continu your makeup collection because I want more! It is so difficult to find great and totally natural products. Thank you to be you! :) xx

  • Rachel Ericson

    I was introduced to this line through Birchbox last year….I adore! All I have is the lipstick, but I adore it! Great universal color, SO nourashing-does not at all feel like lipstick, and of course the packaging. I loved this even before I went vegan and now that I am educated on it and am now vegan, I’m tickled pink even more. Unfortunately, due to my post college financial strains, top of the line products such as these are out of my budget but someday would look forward to splurge on them if able(BUT!…for high end products, these are reasonably priced!) Great product, great cause, great Alicia…love! Thanks Alicia! XO!