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August 30th, 2012 | By Alicia Silverstone

Recently, I posted an action alert asking you to show support for Sea Shepherd’s Captain Paul Watson. He had been arrested in Germany for interfering with a shark finning operation off the coast of Guatemala back in 2002. The official charge was “violating navigational regulations.”

The actual reason for his recent arrest, according to Captain Watson, is that his Sea Shepherd organization, documented on the show “Whale Wars,” has cost the Japanese whaling industry millions of dollars as a result of Sea Shepherd’s annual battle to stop illegal whale hunting off the coast of Japan. While under house arrest, Watson was tipped off that the German government had negotiated to extradite Watson to Japan – even though the official charge against him had to do with an event that happened off the coast of Guatemala.

Watson has now fled Germany and is in an undisclosed location. He has posted a letter to his supporters about the ordeal, and he plans to go forward with the next season of Whale Wars.

Stay tuned for more updates on Captain Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd. Do you plan to watch Whale Wars this season?

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