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The Best Vegan Ice Cream Ever


This year for Father’s Day, I went on a mad quest for a vegan ice cream that tasted like Ben & Jerry’s Heath Crunch Ice Cream. Well. I found something wayyy better!!!


Thanks for all of your suggestions! The one we tried was  Turtle Trails by Purely Decadent (same folks who make So Delicious). It was really freakin’ good.

See all the great ice creams you kind lifers suggested here!

Seriously, I’ve never felt that way about an ice cream before. I only had it once, but I am still thinking about it! I think I ate half the container. Of course it has lots of sugar, so if you’re superhero, watch out. You won’t feel so great after eating it. But if you need an ice cream fix, this is a must-try. And the best part? My husband asked for this ice cream again.


What’s your favorite kind ice cream?





  • nyssa

    Oh! That looks like heaven! My favorite ice cream of all time is Tufutti’s Vanilla Almond Bark. We served it to my non-vegan family and everyone commented how it was some of the best ice cream they had ever tried. Oh vegan ice cream, you’re the best! But I must try more… :-) Thanks, Alicia! I will have to find this!