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Behind the Scenes on the set of Butter!

By September 18, 2012April 3rd, 2021Kind 101

September 18th, 2012 | By Alicia Silverstone



In my new movie Butter, I played Rob Corddry’s wife. He is hilarious and such a great actor to work with! The entire cast was so great. Onset, I got to feed Rob and Olivia Wilde everyday. Rob is so funny…he says he is a meat eater, then goes around saying how amazing he feels when he eats this way. He even emailed me asking for a recipe! It made me so happy. I’d call him a flirt, but he has recently been excited about health again, so he might be more than a flirt. I’m gonna have to find out!

And Yara is an adorable ten-year old, who played my daughter. She is so cute, I wanted to eat her face off! By the way, this is how Rob and I came up with our “Childrens Hospital” bit. Because of Yara and my need to eat her. I couldn’t stop kissing her! Besides being edible, she is also a good actress. All of the actors were just so inspiring and exciting to watch. I’m so happy I got to play with them! It was really a pleasure to come to work everyday.

On another note, Louisiana, or at least Shreveport, needs some real help in the health department. We had to cook everything! I brought my trusty assistant to get me through the last round of shooting, so I would feel good everyday. And she made such great, nourishing food!

Butter is available now on Video on Demand and iTunes and will be released October 5 in theaters (get tickets here).

Have you watched Butter on VOD, or are you waiting for the theatrical release?


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