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September 19th, 2012 | By Alicia Silverstone

I’m so glad you all loved No Impact Man!
From Heather:
“I watched the movie on Netflix a few months ago and really liked it. It was full of inspiring ideas but also very real (his wife complaining that she wanted her coffee and that it was supposed to be “no impact man” not “no impact family.”
From Rhonda:
“I watched the video and I it made me really think about how spoiled and wasteful we are as a society. We need more of these types of films and people writing about this subject and it makes not only for raising our awareness but for entertainment too. I think it is really important for all of us to think ‘how can we have less of an impact on our environment?’ We could all benefit from taking a few lesson from this No Impact Man and just commit to doing some things differently.”
From Jewelstaar29:
“I really love love love this project! It is so inspiring and thought provoking. Every time I pick up ‘trash’ items that can be re-used during trash day in our neighborhood I think about how proud Colin would be! I even got to hear one of his lectures and again it was great! Share the project with everyone you know!”
If you haven’t read the discussion, definitely check it out here. Special shout out to kind lifer S Asnes who made a great point in the discussion about dairy!
If you have not read this book, please, please put it at the top of your reading list! I promise you will love it! Please? ; )
What would you like to read for our next book club?

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