Photo Gallery: Dinner For Vamps Cast and Crew!

By October 16, 2012Kind 101

When I was in Detroit shooting Vamps, the film’s producer, Lauren, set up a dinner for some of the actors, producers, director, and editor.

Me with the chef, Me and actor Wallace Shawn, and Wallace with writer/director Amy Heckerling


What made it special was that Lauren asked the hotel to make recipes from The Kind Diet! The menu included the Sweet Potato-Lentil Stew (p. 166), Seitan Piccatta (P. 156), and Peanut Butter Cups (P. 182). It was all delicious, and I was so moved and so happy that many people ordered the kind options!

It made me so happy!

Vamps comes out November 2nd!


Have you tried any of the kind recipes we had at our cast and crew dinner?

Tell me your favorite Kind Diet recipes in the comments!


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