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November 30th, 2012 | By Alicia Silverstone

Bear is 18 months now, and he loves eating superhero foods! Here are twelve of his favorite foods right now:
1.     Beans – Bear loves them plain – no salt. He also loves tofu.
2.     Mochi – Oh my god, Bear goes crazy for mochi! Like a crazy lunatic. wrapped in nori or drizzled with brown rice syrup.
3.     Greens – He loves any kind: kale, bok choy, Swiss chard, you name it. If I have greens on my plate, he will lose it until I give him some.
4.     Green peas – If you use the frozen kind, you can give them to your baby to keep him calm while the rest are cooking. Of course, as long as your baby has teeth and isn’t going to swallow the peas whole and choke. Use your best judgment. We don’t have this worry with Bear as he is 1.5 with lots of teeth and a good little chewer.
5.     Corn – Bear likes corn, but he likes peas a lot better I think.
6.     Nori – Not the snacky, salty kind – I give Bear a regular strip of roasted seaweed and he loves it. He freaks if he sees it! Wants it soooo bad.
7.     Rice Pasta – Bear loves it.
8.     Miso Soup – We put 2-3 tablespoons mixed with water in a bottle and he really enjoys that. and very good for him.
9.     Mama’s milk – Bear still nurses and gets lots of important nutrients from my milk. He just loves his babies…what he calls boobies.
10. Blueberries – Bear loves blueberries. I probably shouldn’t even say the word in front of him. If there are blueberries around, he will eat them until there are none left.
11. Juice – Bear loves his juice! We give him a little bit of organic apple juice and diluted with water, or we’ll give him a tiny bit of soy or rice milk with the diluted with water, usually around 1 part juice or soy milk to 4-8 parts water, but not more than that.
12. Avocado – Bear loves it! i also try to go easy on this…a few times a week. the more fruit they have the less interested in veggies they are.
A Word About Fruit
Bear also loves blackberries, raspberries, and apples. His new favorite word is apple. He says it a million times a day. He also likes to say “nana” for banana. In desperate situations when there is nothing for him to eat, we will give him a banana, if he finds one. I try not to have him eat them often. Bananas are a tropical fruit. They don’t grow anywhere near us, so they’re not ideal for my little superhero. But boy, does Bear love them! He ate three whole banana the other day. How can someone so little fit three bananas inside his body? Crazy. Let’s just say the poop situation is not so awesome after three bananas. That said, bananas were better than what the other kids and people around us were eating that day, believe me.
The good news is, Bear thinks any fruit is basically candy. We try to limit his fruit intake to one cup a day. That’s his “treat.” It’s special, and we plan to keep it that way as long as possible.

That’s it for now! What are your kids’ favorite foods?
Tell me in the comments below.

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