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January 2nd, 2013 | By Alicia Silverstone

These are the most important ingredients I need in my fridge or pantry, no matter what. If you have these, I feel like you’re pretty much set. This list might be especially great to share with any flirts that you know to get them started!
1.  Earth Balance butter
2.  Ume vinegar
3.  Flax oil
4.  Sunflower seeds
5.  Shoyu
6.  Good quality sea salt
7.  Olive oil
8.  Brown rice syrup
9.  Apples
10.  Walnuts
11.  Mochi
12.  Nori
13.  Cast iron pan
14.  Brown rice
15.  Kale
16.  Scallions
17.  Lemon
18.  Onions
19.  Kuzu
20.  Ume plums
If you have these, you can go anywhere and do anything.
What are your kind kitchen essentials?
Photo Sources: The Kind Diet, / Quinn.anya,, / Arria Belli

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