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February 14th, 2013 | By Alicia Silverstone

Happy Valentine’s Day, Kind Lifers!

Our family isn’t big on exchanging gifts… the best gift is spending time with my two guys.  That said, I was just informed not to make any plans. Christopher said he has something planned… my guess? Partner yoga at our fav yoga spot. But we will see…I may have hinted by leaving out a flyer from our favorite yoga place with a Valentine’s Day special event for partner yoga. We went a few years ago and it’s so nice. If you haven’t tried partner yoga, do it! It’s so nice to do with your loved one. It’s all yoga with your partner, not just regular yoga poses.

I’m a lucky lady. See the video below… it’s old, but I just came across it. I can’t remember exactly when this was, but Bear is somewhere between 10 and 13 months old.

Now, let’s make our hearts stronger in honor of Valentine’s Day! Meat is a major contributing factor to high blood pressure and heart disease, which lead to heart attack and stroke. And beef isn’t the only culprit… chicken contains as much cholesterol as beef and trout is right behind! Dr. William Castelli, director of the Framingham Heart Study, says a low-fat plant-based diet would lower an individual’s risk of heart attack by 85%! You can read more about this in The Kind Diet. So be kind to your heart today by eating veg!

I hope that your Valentine’s Day is filled with lots of love. Whether you’re spending it with your partner, your best friend, your family, your coworkers, or even just yourself, I wish you love, and healthy and happy hearts.


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