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March 11th, 2013 | By Alicia Silverstone

For our January Kind Diet giveaway, our winner Kim told us how she inspired her son to go kind. I was so excited about his story that I asked Kim if he would be willing to share. Here is her son Kevin’s “Kind Cure” story!

“Five years ago, I was suffering from moderate depression and very low energy.  Finally I went to the doctor because it felt like I broke my toe—funny what extreme ends ultimately force men into the doctor. Blood work diagnosis was that I had gout, hypertension, my bad cholesterol was high and the good…well, it was alarmingly low.  What should have been more alarming was the doctor labeling me pre-diabetic…what a wake up call (or should have been!).  I was eating horribly – the typical American diet. And here I was—25 years old, given multiple prescription drugs, with a body screaming for help.

“My doctor gave me a 5-page packet filled with foods to avoid—I didn’t follow it (the list didn’t make too much sense either).  My next two visits to the doctor showed worse and worse blood work.  I began to research what causes gout.  Turns out the Shelled-fish, red meat, white meat, fish, and nightshades (in that order) contain high levels of purines, which metabolize into uric acid in the blood.  It’s the uric arid that gets clogged in joints and crystallizes between cartilage causing sharp pain. More frightening is uric acid collects in organs and can eventually cause organ failure. 
My mother suggested going vegetarian, but I shrugged it off.  I really wasn’t until I read The Kind Diet and gifted it to my mother when it start it started to click that it was possible healing all my ailments by eating the right foods!

“I gave up meat, and almost instantly started feeling better.  My energy was up and I stopped taking my prescriptions within 3 month.  It wasn’t until I gave up dairy altogether to adopt a completely vegan diet did I see bigger changes.

“Today, I cook all the time and I love it—I used to NEVER cook.  I am 55lbs lighter, I no longer take any prescriptions, hypertension is gone, cholesterol is where the it should be.  Most importantly, I feel great!”

Thank you for sharing, Kevin! And congratulations on your new diet and your healthy body!!

If you’ve had a similar experience and are feeling amazing and you want to ditch your medications and go for all natural remedies for weight loss – like the latest craze of CBD (cannabidiol) for weight loss, it’s a good idea to get your blood tested to validate how great you’re feeling. Plus, your doctor will learn from you that a vegan diet can cure so many health issues! When your doctor sees your improvement, I have no doubt that he will advise you to wean yourself from your medications. If he asks you to stay on meds after great blood work, it might be time for a second opinion.

Will you share how a plant-based diet has changed your life?

I want to hear YOUR story!


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