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Animal Love

9 Ways to Help your Companion Animals Go Green

You may not realize how much waste pet products can create, but with a few simple tricks and tips, you can help your pet go green.

Side Note: This photo is of the great, legendary (to me) Sampson. He was my best friend and boyfriend for years. We met when I was 17 and he passed away about 4 years ago. Look at that face! He was amazing. This was towards the end of his life… I’ll talk more about him one day. One special man, I tell you!!

1.    Feed your dog veggie food! I like Dr. Harvey’s or v-dog food for dry food.

2.    Use all natural and ECO friendly shampoos and grooming products.

3.    Use all natural kitty litters like wheat litter products.

4.    Recycle your pets’ products… old beds, crates, brushes, bowls and toys make great donations to animal shelters.

5.    Grow your own veggies and fruits. A lot of our furry friends eat fruits and veggies…why not grow your own? Then you’ll be sure there are no pesticides or dangerous chemicals in their food or yours.

6.    Adopt, don’t shop for animals. Shelters and rescues have just about any pet you can think of available for adoption.

7.   Be sure to spay or neuter all of your companion animals.

8.    Buy environmentally friendly pet toys and products.

9.    Pick up after your dog! Use an old newspaper or a leaf if you can. Or if neither of those are available, a second choice would be a compostable poop bag. It is so important that you don’t use extra plastic bags for this! You might think it’s a good thing, because you’re reusing (which is important to do, but it’s better if you just use reusable bags in the first place), but when you put the poop inside the plastic bag, you are preventing it from breaking down in the landfill (just like the bag). It’ll just sit inside the bag in the landfill forever… no bueno!

What are some other ways to help your pet go green? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below.



  • Joy Veenstra

    Is a vegetarian diet really okay for dogs, especially larger breeds? I just adopted/rescued a black lab mix and I love her to death but I almost burst into tears at the store shopping for her food. I had no idea how to start Lucy on a kind diet especially after she was eating who knows what at the shelter. I did get a vegan blend but I don’t think she likes it. . .

    • Logan Payne

      Joy, I used to feed the Castor & Pollux Organix brand chicken to my fur baby but a little less than a yr ago I started him on vdog, and realized it was actually cheaper first off, second he too didn’t show much interest, however now he eats it just find & even loves the vdog breath bones! I have 3yr old dachsie & he can be surprisingly picky. He’s done well on this diet, he’s still very young so I didn’t notice much change, but he never lost energy, weight, nothing! Still my sweet, happy, fur son :) hope I could help!

  • Elise

    Can you get v-dog at any major pet store chains (Petsmart, Petco, etc.) or can you only order it online?
    I’m thinking of getting some. I also have the same concern as Joy regarding preference. I’d like to order a smaller bag or try a sample first to make sure she likes it.

  • Amy Ritchie

    I have two doggie rescues, one of which is a difficult boy not an easy one to get adopted out. I cannot help but loved the misunderstood fur babies. The boys are neutered, I do use ECO friendly grooming supplies and toys. I use the waste bags that are biodegradable and recycled or a bit of newspaper. I feed them fresh, in season, organic dog safe fruits and veggies at every meal mixed in with their dry and wet foods. I would grow my own, but I have two “brown” thumbs. My question is, what is the reason for feeding the doggies a vegan or vegetarian diet? I do understand the issue of animal cruelty. In the wild, they would be eating small, wild animals and fruits and veggies. Don’t they need the animal protein since they are omnivores by nature? I give the boys free range, organic fed, hormone and antibiotic free chicken and veggie dog food. Do you think they can get the right amount of nutrients on a veggie only diet? How do you feel about eggs and other animal food sources for your pets? I am just curious and gathering information to give my fur babies the best and healthiest life! Thanks so much! XOXO and WOOF!

  • Mama Grriimm

    We don’t subscribe to the paper; but we do use paper lunchbags from time to time. Then we save them for pooper scooping. Everything breaks down.