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April 2nd, 2013 | By Alicia Silverstone

I’m not the most disciplined exerciser, but because I follow the Kind Diet and I’m superhero most of the time, I feel energetic and spunky anyway. I feel grateful that the Kind Diet takes care of me that way. That said, when I’m lucky enough to add exercise to my routine, it’s such a bonus.

When I was doing my play, I couldn’t make time to exercise other than taking a yoga class once a week. The schedule and number of hours required for a play before the opening night is really intense so I wanted to be with Bear every moment that I could. It was exercise or spend time with Bear… of course I chose Bear!! Now that I’m done with the play, I’m exercising a little more and it feels so good.

It’s important to sweat and stretch every day. I don’t always do it, but I know how important it is for our bodies to do that. “Sweat” doesn’t mean run a marathon… it can mean a brisk walk if that gets your blood pumping. Then, work your way up! A nice sweat every day does wonders for your circulation, for your heart , and it gives your skin a nice glow. Plus, it gets everything inside moving for great bowel movements. Stagnation breeds the opposite of all those things, which isn’t great.

It can be hard to get motivated, but once you do it, you feel wonderful, and after you’re done, you feel even better. Try sneaky ways to get yourself to exercise.

I’m not likely to go exercise on my own, so I like taking classes. In NYC, there’s a place called Focus Integrated Fitness that does really great circuit training classes. You lengthen and strengthen your muscles while doing cardio. It’s nonstop and really hard, but also great. While you’re in class you want to stop, but it goes by really fast, and it’s fun! Then you’re done!

I’m a big fan of yoga. After The Performers was finished, but we were still in New York, my husband and I were going to this amazing yoga class at Vira Yoga in Soho once or twice a week, depending on the week. The teacher who owns the studio, Elena Brower, is amazing. It felt like I went on vacation or holiday every time I took her class.

Yoga is a practice. Meaning, you don’t need to be able to touch your toes…or even your knees! It’s just a place to practice opening up and finding space in your body. Working it out like a deep tissue massage—a little painful in a great way. Heart-opening postures make you walk taller and feel better. If I’m super tired or just not feeling right in my head, I don’t want to practice, but after I do I feel better. It’s hard to remember that, but it’s SO true! It gets rid of all the cobwebs and soreness. The body feels less aches and pains when it’s moving. And shavasana corpse pose is to die for! You go to this other place… and when I hear them say “roll to your side,” I often chose not to come back. I like to stay on that “planet” as long as I can… it’s heaven, really!!!

Ballet Beautiful in New York is also great for toning, while lengthening your muscles. You don’t have to be familiar with ballet because it’s not really a ballet class. It’s just a great workout and it’ll give you pretty muscles and you’ll feel feminine while doing it! They also have live classes online so you can join from anywhere, which makes it easy if you are at home with the kids or if travel time makes it harder for you to carve out time for a class. What a neat concept!

Another idea is to take dance classes – try whatever appeals to you, whether it’s ballet, tap, or jazz. I was excited to try a contemporary dance class when I was in New York. I didn’t make it, but wouldn’t it be fun to dance like Mia or Sonia or Trevor from “So You Think You Can Dance”?

Last but not least, grab a friend, your dogs (or offer to take your neighbor’s dog – that one that never seems to get out), or your significant other, and go for a walk! Or go alone… we underestimate the power of being alone for a little while. It’s so nourishing to stay quiet and be with yourself. I always forget that until I’m finally doing and I’m in heaven! That’s one of the things I’m going to miss most about New York is walking everywhere


I’m back in LA now and here I like to go to my favorite yoga studio, City Yoga (they do Anusara yoga, which is a type of Hatha Yoga). There is a great one in Studio City and the teachers there like Rebecca, Anthony, and Tom and tons more are so great.

One of my favorite things is to take walks with Bear in my Ergo. We walk to the grocery store all the time!

What are your favorite ways to exercise?

Tell me in the comments!

Photo source: Lululemon athletica

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