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April 3rd, 2013 | By Alicia Silverstone

fbDmNoBnW0EMeF8dMcp9ghqc.jpeg:Amazon:photoAt a PETA event in NYC with Dan Mathew – PETA’s senior VP of Campaigns – and actor Alec Baldwin

Rose McCoy is a lifelong animal activist at her ripe old age of…12! I met her when I shot a video about the cruelty of down for PETA. She is a wonderful young girl and here’s why:

• She rescued chicks from a school egg/chick “study” and brought them to a sanctuary. She then wrote letters (and had fellow students sign on) to the teacher and principal to discourage future egg/chick studies at school.

• She started an animal rights club in grade school to talk with fellow students about various animal issues during lunch and recess.

• She encouraged her teacher to go vegan (she’s still vegan and loving it!)

• She spoke for animals at the McDonald’s shareholders meeting regarding Controlled Atmosphere Killing.


• She volunteered at a healthy vegan school lunch event in Harlem.

• She has attended City Council meetings on behalf of PCRM and NYCLASS speaking to both the council and media.

• She donates half of her cat sitting money to PETA for their mobile spay/neuter clinic.

Pretty cool, right?

She’s being honored by PETA with the Nanci Alexander Activist Award, which honors individuals who have exhibited above and beyond efforts in activism for animals. Rose will receive the award at an upcoming event at Nanci’s restaurant Sublime in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and the award will be presented by Nanci herself!

Do you know any Kind Crusaders?

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