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May 6th, 2013 | By Alicia Silverstone

My husband Christopher recently found his new favorite store! He’s writing a guest blog to tell you guys all about it…

My Shoe and Belt Revelation
By: Christopher Jarecki

I usually have a difficult time finding shoes and belts that are vegan. I think they started making them for women and left us dudes out for a while. Well, I just discovered an amazing store in NYC called Moo Shoes. They have tons of vegan shoes for men, from dress to sporty to fashion… pretty much whatever you’re looking for.
Plus, the store has a great NYC vibe. Alicia, Bear, and I went there while we were in New York this winter and I tried on all kinds of shoes and listened to loud hip hop while Bear and Alicia had a dance party/tried to destroy the place. It’s in the Lower East Side so if you’re in NYC, you should definitely check it out.
I ended up getting some great dress shoes there from a maker called Brave Gentleman (black and brown below – they also make amazing suits that you can order through their online shop). I also got two great belts called “Town Belt”—one black and one brown—made by Vegetarian Shoes. They’re simple and cool. And some sneakers made my Novacas (the grey ones below).
And I am not really a shoe guy – I usually buy a pair of Converse and some flip-flops every few years – but we are going back to New York for a couple weeks in May and I cant wait to go back and see what new stuff they have.
By the way, they sell a ton of stuff online so if you’re interested in grabbing some shoes or belts for yourself (or the guy in your life) you can order them here.
Where is your favorite place (online or storefront) to buy vegan shoes or clothes?

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