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May 28th, 2013 | By Alicia Silverstone

We recently got an Essentia mattress and we really love it! You might remember them from our dog bed giveaway. They’re the only company making natural VOC-free memory foam mattresses, made of water, natural latex, cone essence, green tea essence, jasmine essence, and plant solid extracts.
Anywho… if you like Tempur-Pedic, but don’t want to deal with all the chemicals and icky stuff, then this bed is for you. We got the Essentia Beausommet mattress and it’s nice and firm. We got matching pillows as well. It’s one of those beds where if someone moves on one side, you don’t even notice on the other side. My husband loves that! And so does Bear!
The best part? It’s all made of eco-friendly material. And they are healthier than most mattresses.
I realize these mattresses are a major investment. But getting a clean and supportive mattress is one of the best things you can do for your health. You spend half of your life on your mattress and most of them have awful chemicals that you breathe all night long. Why not invest in a mattress that is better for your health? If you’re eating organic food and drinking clean water, having a toxic-free mattress seems like the next step in a healthy, happy journey.
By the way, all mattresses are required to contain enough Fire Retardant to withstand a 2-foot wide blowtorch open flame for 70 seconds. Because it’s cheaper, most mattress companies use a super toxic fire retardant, but I don’t want my baby sleeping on those toxic chemicals!! With the other mattress we have, I was able to get a note from a doctor to get around that (we haven’t gotten rid of that mattress; we still love it, but we just needed another bed). Instead of those chemicals, Essentia uses a non-toxic fire retardant. By using Kevlar, a VOC free, non-toxic mattress fire retardant, Essentia’s mattresses and crib mattresses are just as safe from fire as other brands, without all the nasty stuff.
What kind of mattress do you have? Are you interested in investing in a healthier one?

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