The Milky Way

America has one of the lowest breast-feeding rates of anywhere in the world. Jennifer Davidson, a registered nurse and lactation consultant, is trying to start a conversation through her documentary The Milky Way on how important breastfeeding is and how lost it is becoming in our society. Here’s a little bit about The Milky Way:

“Jennifer and Chantal, the producers of The Milky Way, are passionate about empowering mothers. We want women to have accurate information about their bodies and their babies. The Milky Way reveals the real power vested in women’s bodies and how that affects their babies—even the tiniest of preemies. One of the primary goals for the film is to assure women that they have the tools they need to trust their instincts, and to know that each mother is truly the expert regarding her own baby.”

Check out the good short video on their Kickstarter campaign page. Let’s all help!


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